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Become a healthier version of yourself today with IV Nutrition


IV Nutrition delivers high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids straight into your bloodstream. A healthy, well balanced diet along with oral supplements is always encouraged, but benefits are limited. Through your body’s natural digestive process, only partial amounts are actually being absorbed and in turn used throughout your body. Skip the pills and get the doses your body needs instantly!

Each cocktail is made specifically for you prior to your appointment, this allows us to be able to customize each IV to your needs when appropriate.

Ketamine Sessions: IV infusion of Ketamine Sessions will be customized according to therapy plans $$???

NAD IV infusions: $300/ infusion

Regenerator MVI with glutathione: $275/ infusion

Detoxification IV course: $1500/ course of 6 over 4-6 wks.

Therapy sessions: In person or video (telehealth): $99 for 45 min sessions.

Here’s what our patients have to say:

Penny S.

“My anxiety level has decreased I would have never imagined this helping me and I highly recommend to anyone who is taking a bunch of medications especially. Thank God for something new.”

Verified Client

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